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Bounty Killer – 1st Movie of 2014

Just so we are clear, I’m not going to try and watch a movie a day again this year.  Too exhausting.  However, I still love, and plan on watching, a lot of movies, so yesterday I started with Bounty Killer.

Bounty Killer seems like the little movie that could.  It started out as a short in 2011, then was a graphic novel in February 2013, and finally a feature length film in September.  But how is the movie?  It’s actually pretty good.

One thing you will notice about this movie is that it will remind you of other movies. For me it’s a little bit Sin City and a little bit Road Warrior or Doomsday.  But it’s not a bad thing; I actually like how they mixed the elements together to create a pretty clever movie.  The basic plot is this, corporations have taken over the world, literally, as in like running the countries.  Eventually they become involved in wars that plunge the world into a post-apocalyptic waste land. However, the people rise up and now the corporate bigwigs are on the run, with prices on their heads.  That’s where the bounty killers come in.  Tasked by a council, bounty killers hunt down and execute the corporate fugitives for big rewards.  This movie is about two of the best bounty killers, Drifter (Matthew Marsden) and Mary Death (Christian Pitre).  They are celebrities to the regular citizens and are seen as heroes, but both of them are hiding secrets that could get them killed.

Mary Death

Mary Death

If you like guns and over top violence then you will like Bounty Killers. It’s not wall to wall but it gets a bit bloody at times even if it’s unrealistic.  The plot is pretty good,  the costumes are interesting, and special effects are low-budget but not horrible.  I like how they mix in comic book graphics and elements throughout the movie. The dialogue seems like they were going for noir but not quite making it. That’s not to say there isn’t good line or five. Although my favorite lines always seemed to come from Jack LeMans (Barak Hardley) who is Drifter’s caddy; basically the sidekick that makes sure you always have the right weapon at hand and reloads while you keep firing away.

Eve as Mocha Sujata

Eve as Mocha Sujata

Filled with lots of actors you know from other things including Beverly D’Angelo, rapper Eve, and everyone’s favorite odd celebrity Gary Busey, this movie is a pretty decent b-grade action time waster even if it’s a bit cheesy at times.  I could watch it again and not be disappointed.  It’s not fine cinema but most of what I watch isn’t.

The trailer had too many spoilers in my opinion so I leave you with a Red Band clip.  It’s red band because of violence and a minor bit of swearing.

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