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Fangirl Friday – Samuel L. Jackson

AATTP-Samuel-L.-JacksonObject of my obsession – Samuel Leroy Jackson – December 21, 1948

Favorite Roles – Captain America:The Winter Soldier, etc. – Nick Fury,  Black Snake Moan – Lazarus


Where do I even start with Mr. Jackson?  Yes, Mister, cause you know when you meet him you’ll be way too intimidated to call him Samuel and definitely not Sam.  The thing with Mr. Jackson is you often don’t know where he ends and the character begins.  It’s not to say he doesn’t have an acting range.  Just look at the movies he’s been in, comedy, action, sci-fi, animated; he has range but he’s also has a really freaking intense personality that can’t help but burst forth onscreen.

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Fangirl Friday – The Up and Coming Edition

There are times you know upon first sight that, yes, this person is going to be the object of my fangirl (or boy) obsession.  Other times you can watch them in a dozen different things before they star in that one role and it’s all over for your poor fan-heart.  And then there are these people, the ones that have potential but they’re not quite there yet.  You know you like them but it’s not quite to the squeeing level.  So this Fangirl Friday is dedicated to the up and comers.

Tom-Mison-of-Sleepy-HollowTom Mison – If you are not watching Sleepy Hollow, well it’s too late now for this season, go find it on the web somewhere.  For those of us who have been following along, hopefully this picture will get us through spring and summer until Sleepy Hollow returns in the fall.  I really, really like Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane.  It’s not only that he looks good with his dark long locks, but he’s also so alluring with his whole gentlemanly stature and British accented line delivery.  I haven’t seen Mison in anything else and am a little afraid to.  I don’t want the fangirl fantasy to end.

john_cho_982John Cho – I have never watched any of the Harold and Kumar movies and while I saw him as Sulu in the Star Trek reboot, that movie had too much eye candy (and plot confusion) for me to have really noticed him.  But then came the show Go OnGo On was an excellent series that was inexplicably canceled in my opinion.  It made me like Matthew Perry, which says so much.  But it also introduced me to John Cho.  He’s a very good comedic actor and I found myself missing him on episodes where he didn’t have a major part.  So I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up on Sleepy Hollow.  It was interesting seeing him in a bit more serious, even crazy role. Now I may have to go back and watch Harold and Kumar, or I hope he has much more work in the future.

ming-na-wen-at-marvel-Ming-Na Wen – I know people either love or hate Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I love it by the way.  And I have to admit the big part of me watching it was the always adorable Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson.  But I’ve also I find myself caring about all the main ensemble characters.  I know the secondary focus away from Coulson is supposed to be on the young and confused Skye  (Chloe Bennett) but seriously, I’m watching to see what Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) does next.  Some people may find her character cold, maybe even one dimensional, but I say they aren’t paying enough attention.  If it was a guy in the same role we call him dark, mysterious.  That’s how I find May.  I think Wen walks the fine line between being mysterious and boring really well.  Her face expressions that give away just enough to those who are paying attention without having to shout “I really don’t mean what I’m saying” have made for very nice plot development on several episodes.  Plus it is nice to see a woman over 30 (she’s 50) kick butt on TV.  I haven’t seen her in anything else that I remember, but now I’m going to have to go back and watch Stargate Universe to see if she’s always been that good.

bill-nighy-2010Bill Nighy – And speaking of older, for me fangirling knows no gender, ethnic group, or age.  Which brings me to my last up and comer, Bill Nighy, age 64.  Of the ones I mentioned he has the greatest potential to be my next fangirl obsession.  He’s already the tipping point of whether I’ll give a movie a look or not.  I just think the man has good taste.  He certainly seems to exude it when he’s on the screen.  I can’t tell you when I first saw Bill Nighy in a movie but I know which movie I first found him cool, Wild Target.  Even though he plays a somewhat stiff charcter, I couldn’t help it I just… *sigh*.  This wasn’t helped the least bit by the movie Pirate Radio (aka The Boat that Rocked), where he plays the owner of a radio station in the 60s.  Smooth as silk and a cool as a cucumber, and then he dances… okay maybe I’m a fangirl of his after all.  I leave you with a brief clip of the dance from Pirate Radio. The clip should start at 1:32, if not fast forward to there.

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Fangirl Friday – Mark Sheppard

mark-sheppard-the-conduitObject of my obsession Mark Andreas Sheppard – May 30, 1964

My favorite appearances: Supernatural – Crowley,  Firefly – Badger

If you are a TV geek there is a good chance you have seen Mark A. Sheppard on some television show.  The man is a prolific actor and I’ve seen him on at least a half a dozen different programs.  But I have a confession; I never really noticed him.  That’s not to say he isn’t a good actor, when I’ve rewatched some of his performances I’ve gone “oh yeah, him, he was good.” But I didn’t notice the first time.  Well, that was until Supernatural.

Hello boys

I so want to figure out how to add that phrase as a ringtone to my dumb old phone.  That voice would be reason enough to love Mark Sheppard.  Luckily there is so much more, and I’m just focusing on his role as Crowley, king of the crossroads demons.

That voice, that sarcasm, that swagger, yes I know Crowley is just a character but Mark Sheppard breathes so much life into him.  Crowley could’ve easily just been a one dimensional demon if portrayed by a lesser actor.  Not to mention the fact that I was a Sam girl up until season five.  Score one for age and maturity.

Oh for the love of badguys

Crowley 001I have never really been a villain fangirl.  I mean the bad guy is a bad for a reason right?  I can understand them, appreciate their ability to be bad, but I’m never going to feel sorry for them.  I’m never going to tear up because they having a bad day or when they end up on the losing side of the team… Okay,  I’m just going to say Supernatural season eight, poor Crowley.

I glad it seems that Crowley will continue to be a regular cast member for reasons other than the flutter in my fangirl heart.  It’s balance, because the image is not just having an angel on one shoulder but having the devil (or demon) on the other.

And for those who haven’t seen Supernatural and need more proof of Mark Sheppard’s greatness. Just watch this.  And yes, SPOILERS a plenty for season five.

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Fangirl Friday – Clark Gregg

By gdcgraphics

Object of my obsession Robert Clark Gregg – April 2, 1962

My favorite appearances: The New Adventures of Old ChristineRichard Campbell,  Iron Man (1 and 2) , Thor, The Avengers, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Agent Phil Coulson, Much Ado about NothingLenato

Usually an actor, particularly a male actor, acquires a bevy of fans because of their Hollywood looks and their sexy moves.  But Clark Gregg achieves it with a slightly goofy grin and a laid back demeanor, which we all know hides an undercover badass.  Nothing causes a visceral reaction from a Gregg fan so much so as two words, COULSON LIVES.


The New Adventures of Old Christine

But before he was Agent Phil Coulson he was Richard Campbell, the ex-husband of “old” Christine on The New Adventures of Old Christine. He was probably the only reason I gave the show a second chance.  I tell you it was the goofy smile that did me in.  You are not supposed to like the ex-husband who then replaces you with a woman with your same name.  But how can you not when it’s played by Gregg?

Agent Fanboy

Agent Fanboy

And that I think explains how Clark Gregg worms his way into fangirl’s hearts.  Showing up for entirely too small moments in the Marvel movieverse, he reminds you of that unassuming guy you know. Nice, respectful, funny, yet always in the friendzone.  But then he does something that gives you a small hint of the badass hiding underneath.  Now you are intrigued.

Then came The Avengers and we get a lot more of Gregg and everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D agent.  We are happy. We are, dare say, in love as our favorite agent also turns out to be a big ole fanboy and then… WHEDON!!!

By ABC/Bob D'Amico

By ABC/Bob D’Amico

But to quote Kaylee from FireflyEverything’s shiny… Not to fret.”  Because COULSON LIVES and we get to see him every week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The first episode, unlike 99% of my TV viewing I actually watched live; couldn’t wait for the HULU rebroadcast.  I’ve had to reserve myself to the one viewing of the pilot, lest I awaken the fan-fiction muse.  I can’t believe I haven’t dedicated a story to Agent Coulson yet.  I think I’m afraid of screwing it up. I’ve read a lot of fan-fiction on Coulson and although I like the pairings I would probably just write him as a loner. Married to his job and doing really cool stuff like the video below.

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Fangirl Friday – Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker 2

Object of my obsession Forest Steven Whitaker – July 15, 1961

My favorite appearances: The Experiment – Barris, The Air I Breathe – Happiness, Powder Blue – Charlie, Vantage Point – Howard Lewis

Forest Whitaker in Vantage Point

in Vantage Point

When people think fangirl they think of some female fawning and swooning over the latest hot actor with Hollywood looks and a hit tv show or movie.  I am so not like that.  I fangirl over so many things, actors, actresses, authors, entire tv shows, books, even musicians.  While looks are sometimes a factor, presence and talent are what sets my heart aflutter.  Which brings us to this week’s Fangirl Friday, Forest Whitaker.  I was rummaging through the hot actor/actress file in my head looking a potential subject this post when an interview with Mr. Whitaker came the tv for his newest film, Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  Sitting there listening to him I started to debate whether I was going to go see the movie this weekend.  Now I generally hate this type of movie, they either piss me off for one reason, or they piss me off for another.  But I will watch just about anything with Forest Whitaker.

Forest Whitaker in The Air I Breathe

in The Air I Breathe

When I started listing my favorite appearances by Forest Whitaker the problem wasn’t  finding enough, it was narrowing it down.  Most “hot” actors only have one or two performances that you like.  A few more you tolerate because of the eye candy.  But when I’m flicking through movie lists on Netflix and I see Forest is in a feature, I know I’m going to love at least part of it.  I’ve not seen a lot of his major movies like The Last King of Scotland or Ghost Dog but I’ve undercovered so many low distribution gems that I would’ve probably never watched had he not been in them.

I think the thing that impresses me most is that he always seems so comfortable in his own skin.  Even though many of his characters are timid or unsure, you never feel like Whitaker is forcing himself into the role, he just simply becomes the character.

I think my current favorite role of his is that of Barris in The Experiment.  First starting off as a timid, henpecked, man, the experiment turns him into this nearly psychotic leader.  It is sometimes difficult to watch the change because, as with every role, Forest Whitaker makes you not see a character, but a real person.  And that’s why I’m a Forest Whitaker fangirl.

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Fangirl Friday – Noomi Rapace


As Lisbet Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Object of my obsession Noomi (Norén) Rapace – December 28, 1979

My favorite appearances: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and sequels) – Lisbeth Salander, Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows – Madam Simza Heron, Prometheus – Elizabeth Shaw

2fa71c1a0696b6b2f428ba4dec26f9eaWhen I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original version), I walked out liking the movie but honestly I remember little of the story. What I do remember is Lisbeth Salander and more importantly Noomi Rapace.  I don’t go for scrawny, yeah it’s a personal issue, but Noomi played that role with such fierceness yet such fragility that I saw both the sequels in the theater as well. I had to get the full effect.  If I never saw Rapace in any other role besides that of Salander, I would still be a fangirl.  But then Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows came along. There she is a little less scrawny playing the tricky Madam Simza. There is nowhere near as much meat to this character as Salander but still beautiful and fun to watch.


As Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus

Don’t ask me why I didn’t see Prometheus when it was in the theater.   Not only is Idris Elba in it (see previous fangirling) but also Rapace has a major role.  I finally have rectified that situation and was glad I did.  Now Rapace isn’t nearly as badass as Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Aliens but I hope she will be in the sequel.

But before that comes out I will have to be content going through the rest of her movie resume, or maybe I’ll just watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy again.

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Fangirl Friday – Simon Pegg

Object of my obsession Simon John Beckingham (Simon Pegg) – February 14, 1970

My favorite appearances: Shaun of the Dead – Shaun, Paul – Graeme Willy, Hot Fuzz – Nicholas Angel

Simon-Pegg-OnlineIf you have been reading my movie reviews you know I love zombie movies.  So of course I had to see Shaun of the Dead.  By the end not only was this brilliant horror/comedy feature on my favorite zombie movies ever list but also the lovable geek boy that is Simon Pegg had found a place into my fangirl heart.

fe564b9ccbcf1aafa1742fc7121a42b6Most people stand out in movies for being unearthly attractive, freakish, or displaying some overblown feature; muscles, breasts, eyes, etc.  However what stands out for me is his normalness.  The roles he plays, be it the wage slave title character Shaun, the highly intelligent but slightly awkward Benji in Mission Impossible III and Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol, or the “top cop” in Hot Fuzz; we all know someone like Mr. Pegg.  Heck at some point in our lives we’ve all been a bit like him.

f124b909d04ab5242a6d33f868f17a3bMost comedic actors, I find, try to hard to be funny both on and off screen. Jim Carrey is a good example of this.  However Simon Pegg just has to be himself and that’s enough to laugh along with him. And the fact that he  embraces his geeky/nerdy side… Bonus!

014faf329fe68102a1edc9446e0f6e43Of course no fangirling about Simon would be complete without mentioning his friend, frequent co-star, and bromance partner, Nick Frost.  Although Pegg is very enjoyable on his own, the easy, natural chemistry between he and Mr. Frost makes any feature they appear in worth the price of admission.  That and I may have a small crush on Nick as well.

I’ll leave you with my second favorite clip from Simon and Nick in Shaun of the Dead.  My favorite would be a major spoiler to those who  haven’t seen it.  To those who  have, “player two has entered the game.”  For those who haven’t, watch the freakin’ movie already.

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