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Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation – Movie 150 of 365

Yet another movie borrowing the title that will make you at least give this crap a looksie.  Once again no real similarity to the classic besides a few references.  Supposedly this director actually attempted an honest to god remake of the classic like seven years ago.  If this movie is any indication of his work, I won’t be bothering with that feature either.

This is set in a mortuary run by Gerald Tovar, Jr. (Andrew Divoff).  The mortuary isn’t doing too well financially.  Bodies are stacking up in storage and did I mention that Tovar is storing and burying toxic waste as a side income. Corpses and toxic chemicals are not a good mix and Tovar has discovered that the bodies are slowly starting to reanimate.  Tovar is trying to keep all this a secret,  not just from customers and employees but also his prodigal brother who has just arrived with his hand out again.

Ignoring the title I have no problems with the plot, the execution is another matter.  This movie is slow and the dialogue is boring.  Plus throwing in the whole thinly veiled Sarah Palin parody in the character of Sister Sara (Denice Duff) adds a subplot that is completely unnecessary.

Well I guess I should say something nice. I did like the characters of Aunt Lou (Melissa Jo Bailey), DyeAnne (Robin Sydney), and Harold Tovar (Jeffrey Combs).  It’s just unfortunate that they were in this movie.

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I’m a little behind

filmFor various reasons even though this is the 172nd day of the year there are only 131 (not counting rewatches) movie reviews up.  Fear not faithful readers, I have still been dutifully watching a movie a day,  I’m just behind on the reviews.  Now I did try and convince myself of several short-cut ways I could catch up but so far none of them have had the appeal.  But I will catch up…eventually… before the end of the year.  I fully intend on publishing movie review 365 before the ball drops on Times Square  on December 31st.  Just bear with me.  Besides I have so many good movies I want to tell you about, and more than a few to warn you away from.

But until then here is a list of the movies I’ve watched and not yet reviewed to whet your appetite.

132. The Emperor Jones
133. The Mystery of the 13th Guest
134. Medium Raw
135. Clash of Empires
136. Jack Reacher
137. Storage 24
138. Wolf of New York
139. The Dead Undead
140. Fish in a Barrel
141. The Intruders
142. Hard Times
143. Hoodwinked Too!
144. The Living Ghost
145. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
146. The Black Sleep
147. Primer
148. Jawbreaker
149. M
150. Night of the Living Dead: Reanimation
151. The Legend of God’s Gun
152. Dahmer

153. Pitch Perfect
154. Gangster Squad
155. Mama
156. The Invisible Man
157. It Came from Outer Space
158. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
159. Convict 762
160. Battleship Potemkin
161. Purification
162. Doctor X
163. Sexy Beast
164. Rise of the Zombies
165. She Done Him Wrong
166. Patrick 1.5
167. The Day
168. A Tragedy at Midnight
169. Bulldog Jack
170. Eyes Wide Open
171. American Breakdown

Add to that as well the rewatches of the original King Kong and The Day the Earth Stood Still and that’s a lot of movie watching. Just thought I’d let you know. Reviews shall return shortly, I promise.

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Squeeze like your life depends on it.

A great example of how success is not always the ultimate goal, sometimes it’s just trying.


Need a place to follow my blog?

If you are like me you follow more than wordpress blogs. Since Google reader is going the way of the dinosaurs I needed to find a new place for all my feeds to live. So far I’ve really like Bloglovin. Maybe you will too.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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Away from keyboard

I’m enjoying a weekend away from home, FINALLY. I’m at Sci-Fi convention and the hotel has iffy wi-fi so I’ll wait to do reviews of the movies Bubble, Killing Them Softly and Whatever movie I watch tomorrow until I get back home.  Plus maybe even a convention report, including a report of playing the best totally wrong game every Cards Against Humanity.

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Songs to not sleep by

Today is already gearing up to be a typical Monday.  Congestion and insomnia kept me up most of the night and when I did sleep it was plagued by nightmares.  Of course it doesn’t help when this song (see below) is running through your head.

Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful and one of my favorites of The Devil’s Carnival, which if you haven’t seen you must.  You should also see Terrance Zdunich’s other creation, Repo: The Genetic Opera as well, but I digress.  It’s just hard to close your eyes when the lyrics “In all my dreams I drown” going through your head.  But I’m up now so might as well be productive.  Maybe tonight I’ll sleep peacefully and dry.

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Valentine’s Plans

So I get an email with suggestions for the perfect valentines date. They suggest seeing Warm Bodies or Beautiful Creatures. Apparently they don’t know me.

While Warm Bodies was a nice movie when I saw it, if I’m going out to see a movie on Valentine’s Day it’s going to to be A Good Day To Die Hard. Okay I just realized that would spawn a million bad puns.  But I can be such an anti-romantic at times.  Besides if there is something I love it’s action movies. Maybe I’ll just go see Mama or Gangster Squad instead.

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