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Bingewatch – Supersize vs Superskinny

Supersize_vs_SuperskinnyThere is no end to shows and specials on TV addressing the obesity “epidemic”.  Between game shows likeThe Biggest Loser to documentary style shows like Heavy and Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition, we seemed to be obsessed with watching people lose weight.  The problem with the majority of these shows is that they feature people losing massive amounts of weight fast; often losing upwards of 10 – 20 lbs. in a week.  There is no practicality to these shows for the viewer, it’s just a sideshow.

But I have to admit I’m still drawn to them.  There is a part of me that still wants to believe that I too can shed half my size in less than six months. Plus, you have to admit that there is a bit of Schadenfreude when you see people that easily weight one to several hundred pounds more than you.  You can take a small comfort in the fact that you may be fat, but you’re not THAT FAT.

This is the reason I started watching the BBC show, Supersize vs Superskinny (SSvsSS).  However, the first thing you notice about this show doesn’t just focus on the morbidly obese but also the dangerously underweight.  They don’t directly deal with people with anorexia, just people whose bad eating habits leave them painfully, damagingly underweight.

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Bingewatch: Extreme Cheapskates

extreme-cheapskates10% Practicality in a Bucket of Crazy

I’m a bingewatcher.  If something is really good or just really hard to believe I’ll easily find myself watching between three and a dozen episodes in one sitting.  You are just drawn in by the good, the bad, or the ugly and just can’t stop yourself.  So I figured if I’m going to spend my hours on the couch with the remote, I might as well share the experience with you.

My first bingewatch for the year is Extreme Cheapskates that airs on TLC.  The Learning Channel seems to be just teaching us all about the crazy.  I don’t have cable or satellite so I had to be content with the seven episodes (pilot plus six regular episodes) of season one available on Netflix streaming.

(Very minor spoilers ahead, there is still much crazy to be seen)


Roy G. Haynes on Extreme Cheapskates

Now I didn’t go into this expecting a sane discussion of practical ways of saving money.  I expected a freak show and I wasn’t disappointed.  However, it still did piss me off, a lot, and I found myself screaming at the TV more than once.  I have no problem with frugality even in extreme cases, but I don’t feel it gives you the right to be a jerk or steal and that is what I had a problem with.  Often the extreme cheapskate’s spouse and family were victims to their ways.  In one case, Roy and Lisa are celebrating their 25th anniversary and as a present he gets her flowers out of a dumpster.  Not even decent looking flowers. He also takes a greeting card she had received from someone else, scratches out some of the information and writes in new. Seriously?  I’m not saying he needed to spend hundreds of dollars in some extravagant display of affection.  But for less than $10, Roy could’ve purchased Lisa fresh flowers and a nice card.  After twenty-five years of putting up with his ass that was the least she deserved.


Dr. Terence Candell on Extreme Cheapskates

Granted, I know some of this stuff is played up for cameras but still you know in every lie/fake there is truth.  Like Terence who couldn’t spare any money to fix the front doorbell of his house or having anything but a card table and broken chairs in his living room.  But on the other hand had ten different bank accounts he was hiding from his wife and children, one he claimed contained over 100,000 dollars.  That isn’t being a cheapskate that’s being a liar, a cheat, and a jerk.  He also took his family to a “special dinner” at a Chinese food buffet, paying with a bag of change he’d been saving all year.  That was unnecessary since I’m pretty sure that any of the banks that hold his secret accounts would’ve converted that into paper bills for free.  I’m just going to assume that was for the cameras, if he’s like that in real life that would’ve been the last time I would’ve done anything with him.

Jeff Yeager on Extreme Cheapskates

I did mention practical didn’t I?  So let’s get off the crazy train and talk about that.  There is some practical things shown and even some of the impractical can easily be made practical with some minor adjustments.  Another couple featured, Jeff and Denise, take a fiscal fast once a year.  For one week they don’t spend any money and make do on what they already have for meals and entertainment.  I think that is an excellent way to stop, look, and appreciate what you already have.  Not to mention a good way of clearing the cupboards before food expires.  Jeff is also into using as much of the animal as possible when cooking and utilizes parts people usually discard.  He makes this great dinner with the heads and carcasses from several salmon.  The soup looked good and I really wasn’t freaked out by the salmon heads.  But then I’ve watched a lot of Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain so I’m used to it I suppose.  But the cost of the meal was a fraction compared to if he had used salmon fillets.

Extreme Cheapskates does have some redeeming qualities but I’m not sure I would readily watch some more episodes if they became available.  The crazy, mean, and the just plain stupid got to me several times and really I watch TV mostly to relax.  But then you now like with a bad car wreck, sometimes you just can’t look away.

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10 word recap – The Following, S1 Ep. 5 – The Siege

Not all who follow are fans, one follows in fear.

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10-Word Recap – The Following S1 Ep. 3

Photo: David Giesbrecth/FOX

Photo: David Giesbrecth/FOX

Anyone can be fooled. Everyone needs love. Mold them early.

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Do No Harm – 10 Word Review

Do No Harm - 10 Word Review

No harm, no interest. Alter ego Ian temperamental, not evil.

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10 Word Recap – The Following – “Chapter 2”

ImageCarroll may control his followers but Hardy changes the story.

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Can Bacon and Purefoy secure a cult following? | The Zoo News

FOX’s “The Following” is part thriller, part horror and part crime drama which is poised to have many fans. Maybe even a cult following.

From the previews, “The Following” appeared to be FOX’s replacement for the supernatural thriller series “Fringe”. However, the show is not supernatural in nature which makes it so much scarier. The show revolves around Professor Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), an Edgar Allan Poe-obsessed writer and serial killer.

The pilot begins with Carroll’s escape from Virginia Central Penitentiary’s death row, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Law enforcement scrambles to not only find him but also protect those specific people in his life who may be targets.

It’s been eight years since the murders but the feeling for Hardy — it’s as if it was yesterday.

via Can Bacon and Purefoy secure a cult following? | The Zoo News.

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