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Monday Help Out – Let the Music Play

Monday’s suck.  So help make them, and you, feel better by doing something for someone else.  I plan the Monday Help Out to be a weekly feature to boost the signal of people in need of assistance, financial or otherwise.  It can be an individual or group.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a charity or people looking for crisis assistance.  It can fund an idea or a worthwhile project.  In other words people who could use some money thrown their way to help them move forward.

I commit to donating $5 (or the equivalent in items) to each organization mentioned in these features, I hope you can do the same.  Even $1 would be better than nothing and could mean a lot to someone else.  If nothing more than telling them that you see them and believe in them.

I called this week’s Monday Help Out, Let the Music Play because both of these are related to one of my passions, music.



On October 5th, my hometown, Louisville, was inundated with a lot of rain.  A record amount of rain causing flash flooding and regular flooding with many people suffering damage property and having to evacuate their homes.  If you are from Louisville then you knew someone who got some damage.

The person I knew was DJ Dali of  I’ve never met DJ Dali in person but I’ve listened to her The Fantastic Voyage with DJ Dali and have talked her on live chat during other shows.  She’s good people and puts on a good show.

However, the flooding screwed her royally.  She lost her home, most of her belongings, and one of her pets.  She is currently unable to do Fantastic Voyage or her other show The Remedy due to these losses.  And that’s another tragedy.  DJ Dali could really use your help.  Please go here and donate if you can.  If you can’t help out with money than please help out by passing the link along.

Speaking of may be only the #3 internet radio station in the world but it’s #1 in my heart.  Beside its eclectic collection of music and audio clips, everything from top 40 to old-time radio shows; their DJs are as varied as their audio library. is not playing the same ten songs over and over again.  They just don’t play rock, or country, or dubstep; they play just about everything.  The DJs create the theme to their show and select their own music so you never know what you are going to get but it’s going to be interesting and good.

And they let me do a weekly movie review segment called Been Caught Streaming, currently on hiatus for a few weeks.

All this has been done for the last five years with volunteers and shoestring budget.  Which is why they accept donations.  There is no cost to listen to but you do have to register.  That’s because they don’t censor the music or the DJs there may be occasional profanity.  So take a listen and if you like what you hear then consider making a donation.

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