The Day – Movie 167 of 365

30 Sep

The Day is a post-apocalyptic horror film where the horror is more based on the violence and slight goriness and where the monster is all too human. As I said this movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world, it is not said what kind of event caused the situation but apparently it’s not important. Besides whatever happened occurred ten years ago.

What is important is that everyone seems to be down to just basic survival mode, not just from the elements but from other survivors. Particularly from those who, after the food supplies dwindled to near nothing, have resorted to cannibalism and actively hunt other survivors. But our fearless main characters haven’t resorted to such barbarous acts. Traveling with jars of seeds to plant, they search the countryside for a place to become civilized again.  They happen upon a lone farmhouse, long abandoned as well as the area around it. Thinking of it as a temporary oasis, they soon find out that it’s a trap, literally.

I’m not really sure what to think about this movie. On one hand it’s a pretty solid movie, the action and acting are both decent. On the other hand the movie feels like half a movie. That what’s going on is a subplot at best or the second half of a movie. There is not a whole lot of depth, no real back stories, and very little reason to care about the main characters except they are being attacked. Okay one character seems to have a backstory, that once discovered causes the others to distrust her.  Also suddenly she becomes the main character among the group.  This is a little disconcerting without much background.  So even though The Day has great potential for being a good movie I struggled to get emotionally invested. It’s a good beginning, or more appropriately ending, but there just needs to be more.

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