Today’s Theme Music – Together in Electric Dreams

19 Jul

By Hotblack via

By Hotblack via

I generally keep my theme music posts on the blogs facebook page but I decided to share this one to a much broader audience.  Up until a few months ago I hadn’t heard this song, but it’s usually the last song on a friend’s weekly radio program.  It’s curious sometimes how sometimes music has meaning for you the first time you hear it. Like with the song Fix You by Coldplay, I cried the first time I heard it.  But with Together in  Electric Dreams by Human League it took repeated listening before it got to me.

Used to be when you wanted to see a friend you would walk down a few doors or around the block.  Occasionally you would have to get on your bike or in an extreme case catch  the city bus.  Now I have friends I may could reach by phone but really the only practical way I can touch them is electronically.  I wasn’t an internet early adopter, I never used BBS or anything like that.  My first modem was a 14.4k and after spending over two hours downloading a browser didn’t really know where to go.  I was a lost babe in a pretty big freakin woods.  Finally I began to find websites of interest and enjoyed them but still it was like being in the Smithsonian after hours, incredibly interesting but coldly alone.

My character Caritas drawn by Tiltwolfe

My character Caritas drawn by Tiltwolfe

I think I first tried Instant Messaging because of meeting HB and Kitty.  They lived 80 miles away so that meant seeing them maybe once or twice a month.  HB is not a phone person by any stretch of the imagination so I was introduced to ICQ, I was freaking hooked.  Not only could I talk to him but I could talk to multiple people and to satisfy the quiet voiced introvert that I am, I didn’t have to be in the same room. I think Kitty introduced me to Livejournal, I’m always cloudy on details.  Livejournal gave me the opportunity to monologue, be understood, and get responses.  I still have an account, several in fact, but I don’t use them anymore.  Then HB introduced me to mucking and more specifically FurryMuck… okay I was overwhelmed a bit at that.  I can’t keep up with the scroll of twenty people talking at the same time, but I found out how to private message and to find, and if necessary build, secluded areas for private conversations.  I met quite a few friends after weeding out the creeps and pervs (apparently a catholic schoolgirl skunk is a big deal).  Two I remember fondly was a guy from Sweden and another from South Africa.  At first our conversations were simply about differences between our countries, what was popular what was not. But it got to the point where I would stay up late just to say Good Morning to the one in South Africa before he went to work and helped count the days when the Swedish guy’s cat would be released from quarantine, (he moved to the UK six months into our friendship).  I still miss both of them terribly even though their names are lost to the swiss cheese that is my brain.  I was so upset I lost the photo the guy from South Africa sent me of the view of the ocean from his apartment high rise, it was the closest to South Africa I would ever get.

Upon learning my obsession with flashes of belly shots, she pinned this for me.

Upon learning my obsession with flashes of belly shots, she pinned this for me.

Now it’s facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, etc., etc.  You never know where the next friendship or relationship will come from.  It’s not unusual for people to be committed to someone they have never and will never meet.  It’s not superficial game playing, despite what clueless media seems to think, there is a lot of deep connection over lines of electricity and waves of air.  Take for instance my Pinterest cohort.  Yes I managed to create a friendship from a pinning board.  We bonded somewhere between Supernatural and our mutual fangirling.  Sometimes our communication is simple pinning of eithers addictions, tagging it for the other to find.  Other times  we actually email each other and talk about fandoms, writing, and our  personal lives.  There is no way I would’ve ever met her in the flesh (I’m beginning to really hate the term real life) as she lives hundreds of miles away but electronically she’s just next door.

I’ve never counted but I’m pretty sure my electric friends outnumber my flesh friends.  I care about them all, celebrate their successes, laugh along with them, cry at their losses; having a friend across miles, mountains, oceans means nothing in the ‘verse can happen that you can’t feel affected by.  When there is a disaster you wonder who among the people you talk to, read, share photos, play games with may be affected.  The whole wide world becomes just a tad bit smaller and your arms, your heart a bit larger to engulf it.

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