Women In Trouble/Elektra Luxx – Movies 125 and 126 of 365

10 Jun

Women in Trouble 2009It just made sense to put these two movies together since one is a sequel of the other.  First is Women in Trouble, a movie that features eight women, although in the end the focus is really on three, who are at different moments of crisis in their lives.  Although most don’t know each other their lives somehow intersect.  The main character, as proven by the sequel title, is Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino), golden girl of the porn industry.  Known for her all American looks and the way she pulls  her  audience in, she’s at the top of her career.  However, something she’s just found out threatens to ruin it all; she’s just discovered she’s pregnant.  Now she has to decide what she’s going to do about it. Abortion apparently doesn’t seem like an option for her or this would be a very short movie.  Also she has to decide whether or not to tell the father of the  child that it is.  He’s a big rock star and they really never talked relationship.  But will the stewardess he had a mid flight tryst with bring her information that will comfort her or just make everything worse?

The second main character, Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki), Elektra Luxx’s porn co-star, has several problems.  One, she’s not very bright, as not bright at all.  But more importantly she has a problem that threatens her career.  She can’t do girl-on-girl scenes.  And when called to do so she  reacts violently, as in becoming violently ill  all over the place.  But this movie with Elektra has the potential to push her in the spotlight if she could just get over her issue, and not get hit by another car.  Holly vacillates between a character you really feel sorry for and someone who is just too stupid to live.

The third main character is Doris (Connie Britton).  At first her story doesn’t seem to have much to it, she’s tired, she feels unfulfilled and she’s dealing with her somewhat flighty sister, Addy (Caitlin Keats) and Addy’s 13 year old daughter Charlotte (Isabella Gutierrez), who is in therapy.  A chance elevator meeting with Elektra creates an unlikely friendship and we begin to see Doris is in a lot deeper trouble  than we think.

Some quick thoughts about movie one before starting into the sequel.  I really like Gugino as Elektra and liked that they went with a mature looking woman for the role.  I wouldn’t have believed it with a younger actress.  I think there maybe too many storylines. I got confused a few times keeping up with everyone especially since a few actresses look to similar to each other.  The character of Charlotte is my favorite and probably the most sane. If you are looking for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this movie as I was, and really the reason I picked it to begin with, he’s not in it.  Well technically he’s not, but if you wait until after the credits you will be rewarded with about six minutes of awkward JGL goodness as Bert Rodriquez, porn blogger and interviewer.  Don’t worry you get to see a lot more of him in the sequel.

Elektra Luxx 2010Elektra Luxx picks up where Women in Trouble left off, with the very pregnant Elektra trying to make a life for her and her potential child outside porn.  We also have Holly Rocket still trying to get over her issues and with the edition of Bert Rodriquez there isn’t really much else going on.  I was really looking forward to the sequel but really felt it kinda dragged and with some tighter writing and editing this could’ve been just one longer movie.  I  like how Elektra dealt with a post porn career and I really loved the whole parts with Bert Rodriquez, showing that lovers of porn aren’t all necessarily perverts; but pretty much all the side stories went from funny to just plain farcical. And not in a good way at all.  And the thing that bugged me the most, Charlotte is back but neither Doris or Addy; just seems like they had wrote it for them to be back in it then maybe both actresses turned it down.

I know it needed a sequel to tie up loose ends but I really wish they had settled it all with one movie.  That is not to say don’t watch the sequel, just don’t have a lot of high hopes for it.

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