Plant some S#*% Chronicles – Part 3

10 Jun


Stella d’Oro daylilies in bloom

When Rob Finley was talking about planting stuff, he was talking about food, nourishment. Today I want to talk about planting for beauty.  I haven’t gotten that good at veggie gardening that I would plant anything in the front yard and hope it grows; I prefer to keep my failures, and potential success behind a tall fence.  That being said, I’m not that great at keeping flowers and other non-edible plants alive.  I’m forgetful about stuff like watering and my weeding abilities are hampered by my lack of athleticism.  So I’ve learn to pick varieties that don’t require babying.  Luckily for me my favorite, favorite, favorite, flower doesn’t require much care to grow like wildfire.  LILIES.  I’m kind of obsessed with them.  If you see some crazy lady in your local gardening store talking to lily plants like most people coo over infants and children, it’s probably me, sorry.

The tall $1 lilies from last year. In the middle, Tiny Spiders. Forward Tiny Sensation and Tiny Orange

The tall $1 lilies from last year, in the middle are the Tiny Spiders, and forward are the Tiny Sensation and Tiny Orange

Now my partner who shall henceforth be referred to as Horseboy or HB for short, knows of my obsession.  What’s worse he encourages it.  He has a great ability to find anything I’m looking for shopping and boy did he find lilies for me.  Even better discount lilies.  Last year we found a pot of past bloom and dying for $1.  Those tall lanky stemmed plants in the photo, that’s them.  This year’s acquisitions include; the Tiny Spider Lily (clearance rack), which won’t bloom again until next year, Tiny Sensation and Tiny Orange Asiatic Lilies,  and the Pardon Me and Big Happy Time  (which seems to be the name for variety pack) daylilies.  I did not  buy Calla lilies because the bulbs from last year rotted in the pots and I have no room in the front beds for them.  Also had to leave the toad lilies at the store as well since the area I want to plant them in isn’t ready yet.

Little Kim in bloom

Little Kim in bloom

Now HB has a different obsession.  Lilacs. Okay, he doesn’t talk to them like I do and unlike me, who picks flowers strictly on the “oh pretty” factor, actually researches what  he wants.  So we had Little Kim and Little Josie lilacs flanking our front porch.  But immediately next to the porch we had tried various things that just didn’t work, including a sage plant that still refuses to die even though it was dug up almost three years ago.  HB has been wanting to put another lilac bush in and I’ve been resistant.  If you have ever smelled lilac flowers they are very potent and I just couldn’t imagine yet another scented bush.  But then we went to the garden center and he saw it, the subject of a multi-year search because it’s been selling out so fast; the elusive purple Bloomerang reblooming lilac.  I relented.  Now that it’s planted it does finish off the area nicely, I’m just hoping I’m not too overwhelmed next spring with six lilac bushes in bloom every time I step out  the door.

Frances William

Frances William

The last thing I picked up was some hostas.  My mother is great at growing hostas, I’ve had mixed results.  Mainly because I planted mine in the same area as the Virginia Creeper vine from hell.  There seems to be no getting rid of it, just containing it.  Mainly because the source of the plant is wedged behind my central air conditioning unit.  Anyway, I lost about half of the variety my mom gave me; which shall be called Mama’s Variegated hostas because I don’t know what they are called.  So I picked some Frances Williams Plantain Lily… hostas are lilies too?  BONUS.  Anyway I’m hoping they grow quick and strong and choke out the creeper.

Maybe there will be some progress on my veggies in the next few weeks and I can bring you Chronicles – Part 4.

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