Iron Man 3 – Movie 122 of 365

21 May

Iron Man 3 2013Chances are if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 already you aren’t going to. Of course I saw it the first showing that was available at my favorite theater.  Non-3D because I’m one of those people who can’t see 3D.  I absolutely loved it.  But I think that is mainly because the storyline, for the most part, went where I thought it was supposed to go after The Avengers.  However, I’m not sure everyone would agree with me.  I could tell you what it’s about, like you don’t know already.  I could even spoiler it, but I hate reviews like that.  So I thought I would simply do bullet points as to why you may (or may not) like the newest addition to the Iron Man/Marvel franchise.


  • Continues to integrate the Iron Man franchise into the Avengers’ universe.  Make no mistake this is very much about post Battle of New York as it is about Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and his latest nemesis   It just doesn’t come up once but multiple times.  There is some really obvious things missing and their explanation is “almost” plausible.
  • More War Machine/Col. James Rhodes.  Still think switching to Don Cheadle was an excellent idea.  I hope that he get’s integrated into more of the Marvel franchise.
  • More Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau).  Still think he can be written just a tad better.
  • More human Tony Stark while still being very much Stark.  He had to be effected, although I worry just maybe a bit too much.  I’m thinking he’ll be mostly back to his improved but old self by Avengers 2.


  • The villain got a bit convoluted and lost in the beginning.  He got better at the end but still just didn’t feel complete.  
  • The funny parts weren’t  as funny as the first two movies, felt like the timing was off.  I don’t know if that was intentional or not.
  • While Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow)  in some ways is improved in this one she felt weaker. Which is a shame because she’s my favorite superhero girlfriend and is usually pretty good at holding her own.

Overall, yeah I’ll see it again, I’m still a Marvel fangirl. And the bonus scene was a pleasant surprise.  Not that there was one, afterall it’s a Marvel movie, one never leaves before the credits are over, but that it fit nicely into my own head canon.


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2 responses to “Iron Man 3 – Movie 122 of 365

  1. Ank Jones (@ank_jones)

    May 21, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Great review! Agreed, Cheadle is a much better Rhodes than his predecessor. Also, I agree that Pepper was sort of an afterthought in this script. I wasn’t a big fan of Pepper being a younger bombshell at first (in contrast to her original role in the comics), but the first two movies proved that a smart, no-non-sense assistant could still carry a lot of credibility. In the third franchise film, Pepper is much more a nagging victim of circumstance instead of the empowered leading lady she has been. Granted they did this to show her concern for a less-centered, more battle-worn Stark, but it was kind of an excessive leap even given the events of the Avengers;

    I will disagree about the villain. I thought the villain being “convoluted” muddied the water enough to make them a very real threat that would be difficult to pinpoint. Mandarin, I feel is, as far as the movies go, Stark’s best villain; and the red herring made him all the more ruthless & fearsome in my estimate.

    I would like to make one last point:if Disney wasn’t Disney, the time after Avengers would have been a more appropriate time to insert Stark’s alcoholism after the stress-inducing events of Avengers; and even seemed more plausible than the stilted and over-dramatized “Anxiety attacks”. Also, Disney let the cute kid overstay his welcome by a good 10 minutes more than he probably should have had. Stark actually put the kid at great peril by communicating with him over unsecured channels later in the film. Meh.

    • skunkieboo

      May 21, 2013 at 11:24 am

      Yeah I was wondering about the alcohol, it would’ve worked as a great self-medicating than the power of positive thinking (a bit too tinkerbell). And yes kid was good but should’ve disappeared earlier.

      I guess I think they spent to much time on villian “exposure” I would’ve like to have seen him a bit more in action. Of course when I watch it again I may change my mind.


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