The Mega Multi-Movie Review post – part 2

24 Apr

Here we are at part 2 – I had intended to do this immediately after one, but once again got delayed by more work.  One day I’ll be able to survive completely on my writing income.  That day isn’t today.  Without further ado here are movies 102 – 105:

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag 19978 Heads in a Duffel Bag – I should’ve seen this movie about a decade ago.  Problem is everytime I’d go to the video store I’d see this and The Usual Suspects on the shelf. I would think that I had already seen 8 Heads so would pick up The Usual Suspects go home and realize that I had already seen it and I meant to get the other movie.  Same thing when it would come on TV.  For some reason the universe was keeping me and this movie apart.  I don’t know why, because for the most part, it’s hilarious.  Joe Pesci is basically playing the same character he plays in every movie.  This time he’s a mob bagman who is supposed to deliver proof of the killing of eight guys.  The proof, of course, is the heads.   Tommy (Pesci) is a jerk, so you don’t feel too sorry for him when he loses the duffel due to an airline luggage mix up.  You do feel sorry for the poor guy, Charlie (Andy Comeau) who is on vacation with his girlfriend, Laurie Bennett (Kristy Swanson) who really isn’t into him anymore and her family, her mother Annette Bennett (Dyan Cannon) who is high strung to say the least, and her father Dick Bennett (George Hamilton) who clearly hates him.  Now on top of all that he has to figure out what to do with a duffel bag full of heads.  This is pretty standard 90’s comedy fare.  No one would probably go see it today but it’s still a great little distraction, even over 15 years later.

Fugue State 2008Fugue State – Some many movies that claim to be about zombies, so many go off the rails.  Fugue State is vaguely a zombie film.  The rest, um you tell me.  This movie was so confusing. Partially because there are flashbacks and flashforwards and little to differentiate which is which.  Fugue State is about the zombie apocalypse yet there is a secondary problem.  Some people are turned into zombies, others into amnesiacs   Luis (Brian Lucero) is a security guard who wakes up to see all this has happened while he dozed off at work.  He escapes the city into the desert in search of his wife Cassandra.  He finds her but she doesn’t remember him and is staying with a group of people who consider themselves a family.  Headed by Daddy (Justin Tade) who believes all this is foretold in the book of Revelations. He rules the rest (Mama, Grandpa, and Cassandra who they call Sister) with an iron fist.  Luis agrees to stay but plots to get him and Cassandra away from Daddy and try to help her remember.  Believe me my synopsis is clearer than this movie.  Cassandra who has amnesia also has the ability to see in the future.  Many times you can’t tell if what you are seeing is Cassandra seeing the future, a flashback of a previous scene or current time.  I watched it to the end but didn’t feel it was worth the trip.

Rid of Me 2011Rid of Me – If you have ever been excluded from a group while still being around them and people either refused to see it, blamed you, and/or joined in, the first forty-five minutes of this movie will be a bit hard to watch.  Actually this movie has lots of uncomfortable parts.  You feel like you are a fly on the wall on the downward spiral, wallowing, lashing out and rebirth of the main character Meris Canfield (Katie O’Grady).  Meris and Mitch (John Keyser) are in love and eloped.  Now they are moving back to Mitch’s hometown for his work.  He immediately reunites with the old gang of friends and it’s obvious from the start Meris isn’t going to fit in.  The longer it goes on the more obvious and painful it gets, pulling Mitch and Meris apart until Mitch unceremoniously leaves Meris for a old flame.  Meris is devastated but is stays in town where she finds a job at a candy shop and meets Trudy (Orianna Herrman) who takes exposes Meris to a different life.  This movie takes a definite turn for the better in the second half and didn’t end quite how I expected.  Its one of the better breakup films I’ve seen, way more realistic than the usual Hollywood big budget fare.

The Job (2009)The Job – Beware of people who suddenly show up in your life and seem like they want to be helpful.  Bubba (Patrick Flueger) is unemployed and by chance meets Jim (Ron Perlman) in a diner.  Now Jim  is a bit of a drifter, only staying in any town for 72 hours but seems to just plant himself into Bubba’s life.  Even giving him the business card of a guy who had promised him a job, but since he doesn’t stay anywhere more than three days suggests that Bubba check it out.  He’s immediately hired, the problem is he doesn’t quite understand what the job is.  And when he finds out it’s murder.  This movie takes a very simple premise and twists it into a nice dark comedy.  It vaguely reminds me of movies such as The Unusual Suspects and maybe RockNRolla.  Not as good but that not sure who you can really trust.  I’m still unsure of a few allegiances in this film.

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