The Mega Multi-Movie Review post – part 1

21 Apr

You probably have noticed the lack of movie reviews lately.  Well you see when I started writing reviews I was unemployed, at that time it was for a bit over four months.  Between filling out applications and hitting the refresh button on my email hoping for news of a freelance gig, I had plenty of time for reviews.  However, recently I have been inundated with freelance work.  Be careful what you ask the universe for with your whole heart.  Not that i’m complaining, quite the contrary, I’m just explaining the absence.

No fears loyal readers, I have been dutifully watching my movie a day, just not writing.  At this point trying to write a full review for each movie will take forever and honestly the longer you wait the finer details start to disappear.  Particularly if the movie is mediocre.  So instead I’ve decided to create the Mega Multi-Movie Review post.  Clever title, no?  I’ll cover the first four movies in this post and the next four in part 2.  Movie 106,  Dirty Girl will get it’s own review post because it was AWESOME. Hopefully I’ll be doing full reviews again after that.  We shall see.

Movies 98 – 101

Lucky 2011Lucky – A quirky dark comedy about a guy who wins the lottery and hopes that the money can “buy” him the girl of his dreams.  Simple enough plot except for the fact that the winning ticket wasn’t purchased by Ben Keller (Colin Hanks), but one of his victims.  You see Ben is a serial killer.  One that still lives with him mother, Pauline Keller (Ann-Margaret), but there are multiple bodies buried in the back yard.  And this girl of his dreams, Lucy (Ari Graynor).  She’s an annoying, overbearing, and a bit of gold digger that Ben definitely has a love-hate relationship with.  This movie was okay, but CHaracter was so over-the-top annoying and CHaracter was so h henpecked that it was uncomfortable and uneven and the twist ending didn’t redeem it all that much.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 2012Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – I was really looking forward to seeing this and for the most part wasn’t disappointed.  The interesting thing is I think the low budget feature Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies is actually a bit better.  Storyline wise anyway.  Now don’t get me wrong Vampire Hunter has great fight scenes. interesting special effects,  beautiful visuals and I’m not just talking Dominic Cooper. Also some changes to vampire canon kept killing them from becoming a boring series of stakes through the heart.  But still I think Zombies had a better alt-history storyline and a better ending to the story.  This may be because there wasn’t as many storylines in Zombies; Vampire’s story got crowded. But maybe you’ll just have to watch both to see if you agree.

Duck Soup 1933Duck Soup – For my 100 movie I chose one from American Film Institute’s 100 greatest movies of all time.  I have to say I’m not really sure if this would be considered the one of the greatest but it was decent enough after a fashion.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Marx Brothers or more specifically Harpo Marx.  My favorite Marx brother is Chico with Groucho being a close second.  In this feature Groucho plays Rufus T. Firefly who is appointed ruler of Freedonia.  Chico and Harpo play spies of a sort.  Harpo is particularly mean in this one and I think it dampened my viewing.  The musically sequences were passable but worse than most musicals I’ve seen.  The political satire was good, reminding me a bit of Dr. Strangelove in some of its absurdness and there were some really funny slapstick sequences.

The Master 2012The Master – Starting this movie I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish it.  Lots of confusing artsy imaginary and Joaquin Phoenix acting like a loon.  But soon that settle down to a movie that although still confusing was interesting to watch.  Phoenix plays Freddie Quell,  a recently discharged naval veteran in the late 1940’s.  He’s impulsive to say the least and just downright kooky.  Whether this is from some kind of mental illness or the effects of too much of his homemade liquor, the movie never quite explains.  One night he runs off after someone gets deathly ill on his homemade hooch. In a crazed perhaps drunken stupor he wanders onto a yacht that’s docked at the harbor, and falls asleep.  He is awakened and taken to  Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who is called Master by the followers in his group The Cause.  It is not a religious cult but a new agey psychoanalysis following where they believe you can solve your issues of today with looking into your past life and other visualization techniques.  Master is immediately taken in by Quell and makes him part of his circle.  The movie follows the not only the Master’s attempts to spread his word but to cure () of the madness and anger that seems to plague him.   Phoenix and Hoffman are excellent in this but I spent most of the movie confused.  It really takes all of your concentration I think and I may just have to watch it again to completely understand what was going on.  It’s too easy to just write this off as a cult movie.  I believe it’s much deeper than that.

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