What I’m reading – Comic Book Edition

04 Apr

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One of my newest geek obsessions is comic books/graphic novels.  I used to read comic books as a kid but they were, don’t laugh, Richie Rich.  I missed the whole DC/Marvel comic book boat, preferring to just watch them on Saturday mornings and after school.

Volume_1-Days_Gone_ByeFast forward decades later and along comes the TV show The Walking Dead, of which I am a big fan.  Reading an article one day I find out that in the comics, the story actually starts in Kentucky.  Well I have a soft spot in my heart for any story, movie, or TV show that originates in my home state.   So I picked up the first two volumes of The Walking Dead comic, The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye and The Walking Dead, Vol. 2: Miles Behind Us. I tore through Days Gone Bye in one session and even before I started Miles Behind Us I knew I needed to get the rest of the series.  I found volumes 3 through 8 at a discount bookstore, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to reading them.  The reason being that I just couldn’t ignore all the other interesting comics on the shelves and am now amassing a bit of a collection.  Here is a couple other things I’m reading as well.

Asstonishing X-men GiftedAstonishing X-Men – Volume 1: Gifted – My biggest problem with comic books is not knowing where to start.  Especially since the DC and Marvel storylines have been going on for decades.  How completely lost am I going to be if I just jump in?  I was lamenting this to a friend when he suggested that I read Astonishing X-Men.  He recommended it because it is a contained story arc, it’s written by Joss Whedon (I’m a big fan), and if you’ve seen the movies, you will already know most of the major characters.  It was a good choice for my delving into the X-Men comic verse.  I did know most of the major characters and even though there were references to a past storyline I didn’t feel completely lost not knowing the whole back story.  The plot at least for Volume 1: Gifted is that the X-men restarting the school for mutants now that Professor Xavier is gone (I’m assuming not dead).  Emma Frost former villain and Scott Summers (Cyclops) are running the school with the assistance of Beast, Wolverine, and the newly arrived Kitty Pryde.  Scott is also trying to get the X-men back together as well despite the publics ongoing mistrust of mutants.  Add to that the announcement of a possible mutant cure and a new villain, Ord,  from parts unknown and it is a pretty good first volume.  I particularly like that Beast gets a decent storyline because I always felt that he didn’t get nearly enough air time in the cartoons and movies.  I’ve already purchased Volume 2.  The best thing about starting an already finished series is not having to wait for the next volume to become available… well as long as you have the money to buy it.

Number 13Number 13 – Although I love volumes, they are a bit pricey.  So I do pick up the occasional single issue. What I like about Dark Horse comics is that they seem to put out a lot of new stories which allows me to easily start at the beginning of the series.  Hence why I picked up Number 13 #0.  #0 is a special issue that collects the first five chapters of the story previously published in Dark Horse Presents #2 through #6.  Number 13 is about a little boy lost and alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  He doesn’t know who he is or where he comes from.  The only thing he knows is that he needs to find his dad.  Problem is he has no idea what he looks like.  So he wanders the land asking everyone and half of the things if they are his father.

The boy is named Thirteen by Lorna a little girl he saves from being eaten by an ogre.  She names him after the 13 tattooed on the side of his head.  Lorna takes Thirteen to her father hoping he can help her new friend.  Lorna’s father knows who Thirteen’s dad is and more importantly who Thirteen is.  You’ll just have to read to find out yourself.

The storyline was interesting and giving enough to pull me in but left me, of course, wanting to know more.  I really like the art for this one and the diversity of character looks.  I am eagerly wanting to acquire issues #1 – #3.

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