Slither – Movie 72 of 365

13 Mar

slitherSlither is a good example of how horror can be scary and funny at the same time.  Fortunately the humor in this movie is intentional, I think.  Unlike the funny that comes because the movie is just so badly made you are laughing at them instead of with them.

Slither is about an alien terror that descends on a small town, brought to earth by a meteorite   After infecting a suitable host, Grant Grant played by Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon of The Walking Dead), the alien sets about impregnating an unfortunate townswoman.  She gives birth to hundreds of alien slug babies to infect the rest of the town.

They only ones that can save the town is a rag tag group including the foul mouth mayor Jack MacReady (Gregg Henry ), the local police including Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion), and Starla, the wife of the Grant (Elizabeth Banks).

There is a fair amount of ick in this film.  Slithering slugs, projectile acid, and other grossities.  However it didn’t really sicken me.  It’s all fairly tame compared to somethings I’ve seen but I may not be the best gauge.  I do remember going “eww” a couple of times.

The humor, well it helps if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor.  It’s not slapstick, it’s mostly one liners, like the way that Nathan Fillion seems to be saying what the audience has to be thinking.  Sometimes you just find yourself laughing at inappropriate times.

This is not a parody movie but just a good little small town creature feature.  If you like that kind of thing you’ll like this.

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